Liberty Church Naples Values & Hard Limits


1. God’s presence- God’s power is evident in His presence. Every time we gather we desire to give priority to the presence of God.

2. God leads- We follow.

3. We Focus on preaching the Truth. We don’t preach what popular but rather the whole counsel of God’s word.

4. Spread the word of God using all tools in the toolbox

5. Love and minister to the heart of all people using all spiritual gifts.

6. All for the Glory of God.

7. Excellence- prepare well perform well

8. Don’t stay down- we believe it is God’s plan for us to live holy in this world. But we also know that we sometimes miss the mark stumble and fall. We don’t believe in kicking a person who is down. Get up. Pick up others. Encourage to stay up.

9. Disciple- we should always be training someone to do what we do. If you don’t have someone pray for Someone.

10. Invest – where your treasure is there your heart will be also. We must invest our thoughts, our energy, our talents, our love, and our resources into the vision.

Hard limits

1. We cannot win the world and lose our own family. Never sacrifice your family….time for relationship building with your spouse and children is sacred.

2. We will not become beggars for money but we will teach the principles of giving.

3. We will not loose a generation to the Devil. We must change the statistics. This is why we are focusing and tailoring our ministry to be appealing to the generation under 40.

4. We will not foster negativity. Negativity leads to faithlessness and divisions

5. It’s not “good enough” until we’ve given our best effort.


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