Liberty Church Naples Mission #4

What is the mission of Liberty Church Naples? Part #4

4. Advance – Advance the kingdom of God

God didn’t come to this world to establish a religion. He came to establish a kingdom.

Earth is God’s kingdom expansion plan. He wants to colonize earth with the culture of heaven.

How do you define culture?

We see it like this

Culture– the visual manifestation or effect of how the controlling spirit of the age or a geographical area influences art, entertainment, worldview, trends, habits, values.

Always Kingdom focused

What is best for the kingdom?

We are not working for a church but we are working through a church to expand the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom– God’s plan to accomplish His Pleasure. He is the King it’s about what he wants and what makes him happy. it’s BIG…..worldwide & universal, spans generation of time, UNLIMITED

Church– God’s vessel to carry his plan out regionally. UNLIMITED

Person-God’s vessel to carry his plan out locally UNLIMITED

Liberty Church has been given an important mission to accomplish for the kingdom.

We must stay continually kingdom minded. The questions we ask ourselves is important.

Don’t ask…what is best for me?

Rather ask…what is best for the kingdom?

To be kingdom minded is to live selflessly for the mission. And to do whatever it takes to see the mission to completion.

Will you accept or reject the mission?

****If you accept the mission let’s put your boots on the ground.


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