Let’s grow up America!

Ok so you may or may not agree. Women need the right of choice. I mean let’s face it children do take up a lot of time and kind of control your life for a while. So some have been convinced that the abolishing of abortion would eliminate a woman’s right to make choices. Let me clearly help you. 
The best way to prevent unwanted, body altering, time sucking, money spending children. 
1. Abstinence – this is your one true reproductive right. It gives you 100% control. Except for one immaculate conception, every person who has abstained from sexual relations has maintained their right to choose. Why even Mary said “be it unto me according to your word” after God sent an angel to discuss this matter with her. Fact: you have the choice to abstain. It is your God given right. Now I know there are sick, twisted, perverted, and demonically possessed people forcefully removing this right from women, but I missed the “Castration for rapist rally” or any other demonstration calling for stricter and more harsh punishments for those who violate the true reproductive right of women. How about we rally to find solutions to give justice to the hundreds of thousands of sexually abused young girls who have been molested. Maybe withdrawing public support with a “Not my pedophile campaign.” Come on, protest the ones really taking away “Your right of choice” and recognize abortion is not a right and it is not the answer to this childbearing epidemic. 
2. Tie the tubes. If you are so concerned about not having one of these little life wreckers, and your unable to or unwilling to abstain, surgical procedures are available. I hear it’s pretty accurate in preventing conception. Now I know this costs money and not every woman has the money to pay for surgical procedures. Why not protest the right for government paid tubal ligation. Fact: you have the choice to tie them up and be as promiscuous as you like. Hey, in America it doesn’t even matter how offensive your sexual life is. Live it up baby and tie ’em off and never worry. 
3. All the other birth control options out there are for the on the fence girls. For the maybe one day I’ll settle down and want a little snot nosed kid of my own, babies aren’t all that bad, maybe even some are cute, but just not now group of individuals. In America we are all about choices and options to fit your lifestyle. Let’s protest for free contraceptives, oh wait we do that already. Oh yeah, in America we even hand them out to the unsuspecting innocent children who have no idea what sex is and to those who have made conscious decisions to “Abstain until marriage” just in case they may possibly like to change their CHOICE on this matter. 
Well needlessly, the Pro-Abortion protesting crowd demonize those who stand for righteousness, ridicule those who strive for justice, and hate anyone who may want to interfere with their very public agenda. They do it all in the name of Women’s Choice. Let’s see it for what It is. It is a fit, a tantrum, the result of an immature society. Where people are looking for a quick fix for their wrong choices. They demand a delete option to erase lasting reminders of past mistakes. People want the ability to live recklessly without damage. I’m sorry, but there is no “right” to avoid consequence for actions. 
To these individuals the mistake is the baby that was conceived, not the real choices they made during conception. Let’s grow up America. 


One thought on “Let’s grow up America!

  1. I became an R.N. In 1974. All through the years I have seen all ages of women who have had abortions. Even though I worked most of my career on surgical hospital floors, we would take care of women before and after abortions, as they are not generally put on maternity floors. The thing that made an impression on my mind was the shame I saw most of the women carry with them after the abortions. I treated all of them like they were the Queen of England, and made a rule to always treat them well, just like the rest of my patients. I listened to their stories. One woman, the doctor went hard on and she cried a lot of the time after her abortion. The doctor told me later when I questioned him that she had five abortions before 35, and he was hoping that she would break the cycle. She had told me she just didn’t have time to use birth control or have a baby in her life. She was probably the most depressed I have ever seen right after her 5th abortion. I sat with a mother who aborted her seven month pregnancy in her hospital bed after a car wreck that was not her fault. She had a beautiful baby boy. We sat and cried together. I and the social worker took the baby and cleaned him up, swaddled him, after taking his picture, and hand prints and footprints, and put him in his mother’s arms. She undid the swaddling and checked him, and knew that he was perfect. That was important to her. The bruise on his head was where the steering wheel hit him and killed him. I explained that to his mother. It was not her fault in any way. It was one of the most difficult things I ever did. Then we left the mother with a picture of her beautiful son. Years later I sat with an elderly woman in her seventies as she was dying. She confessed to me that she had given herself an abortion in her twenties with a coat hanger. She bled a lot and eventually had to have a hysterectomy because of it. At the time she had four children and things were hard financially for her and her husband, so she decided the secret abortion was the thing for her to do.She kept that secret for over fifty years. I prayed with her, and she wanted to know that God had forgiven her for what she did. She finally felt freed from the pain she suffered when I told her she was forgiven. It was like the biggest weight was lifted off her, and she kept thanking God for forgiveness. Everyone has a story, and I have felt the best thing I could do to help others was to listen very closely, and when these women asked for prayer, I prayed with them. When I get the chance I tell these womens’ stories. The biggest impression on me, after following these women is that the guilt follows them through a lifetime, unless they come to the forgiveness of God. Many times they carry on as before, and when I was in a posistion for them to confide in me, they told me how they really felt, and many times, they had kept it secret for a long time.There is no joyfulness in the hospital rooms of these abortion patients. I have also seen mothers give their lives for their babies. One young mother I took care of on a neurosurgical floor. She was 21 and had a brain malformation. As her pregnancy progressed, she had a brain hemorrhage. Her decision was to try and bring her baby to term to have him, no matter the cost to her. We kept her monitored all the time, and kept her on bed rest. It was close a few times, but at the right time she had a c-section and had a perfectly normal child and with the pressure down on her brainstem after the birth she was able to go home and live normally. I saw her when she brought her son for us to see on his check up and I have never seen such a joyful mother. Few women would have made the choice she did. Against all the odds, she survived. I have seen mothers who did not make it. My life has been changed by listening to and watching all these women. God loves them all.


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