What has taken over your house?

What has taken over your house?
Jesus stands at the door of your soul and knocks. (Revelation 3:20) but sin is also at the door. (Genesis 4:7) God gives us free will to decide what or whom you let in. 

Make no mistake about this. Whatever you let into your spiritual house will desires to take over. Some people are reluctant to give this control to Jesus Christ, but the same through caution to the wind and sin takes over. Call it what you want, this sin, Satan, the devil, an evil or unclean spirit becomes a legal tenant in your home because you let him in and let him stay. It seemed ok when he was simply in the parlor but now he is sitting in your chair controlling your house. These people when taking a look into their own soul recognize something is not right. If they are honest with themselves they see the times when they are controlled often against their own better judgement. They say and behave in such ways that they have to ask themselves, why? Why, did I do this?  
You need to evict your current tenant and clean up the house.  
Why not choose to let Jesus in. 
Some people let Jesus in and he stands right inside the door way as if they only let him in to pick up or drop off something important to the homeowner. Why not invite him to sit down.  


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