Start right, walk right, finish right

Don’t just start right, but walk right and end right. God gives us many examples in His Word of individuals who started right walked right and ended right. Example; Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, Enoch Moses, and Paul just to name a few. There are other examples of those that started right and then lost their way. 

Let’s Read about the tragedy of Gideon. Although he was the least in his family, God used him for great things. He delivered Israel from the hand of the Midianites with only 300 men. Later he missed it, he got off track, he started right but then he didn’t walk right. He was ensnared with wealth and power. He tried to make himself greater by reproducing with many different women and had 71 children. This was not God’s plan for him. He then had a son with a servant. His sons name was Abimelech. You can read the story in Judges chapter 8&9. Abimelech ended up killing all of his brothers but one. So the descendants of Gideon did not end up as great as what Gideon planned. 
Lord help us not to be like Gideon. Fill us with your Holy Spirit. Let the fire of God cause a rapid boil within us. Help us to start right, walk right, and finish right with you. AMEN. 


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