One Family

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With all of the racial tension that has been stirring in our nation, I felt it necessary to do my part to promote unity. I especially want to promote unity within the body of Christ. What we are witnessing is nothing less than prophecy fulfilled. In Matthew chapter 24 Jesus looked through time and sees this day we are living in. He warns specifically not to be deceived. There are many voices of deception. There are a few people who would try to convince the masses that Americans are filled with racial hatred. Although there are some who are full of hatred and violence, I tend to believe that they are a smaller group than portrayed by the media and that they do not represent the viewpoints of most Americans. As the end of time approaches the Bible is very clear, that the darkness will become darker and the violent will become more violent. The offended will become more offended, the deceived man will go on deceiving. Greed and selfishness, rebellion and perversion shall increase. Sin will surely abound, but God’s grace, (His enabling power) shall always increase to a greater degree than the sin opposition of our day. When darkness falls heavy on the people, the light of God’s anointed men and women must arise.
So here it is. I’m just a small town preacher, this may never get more than a few likes from close friends and family. But I have seen the power of social media. If we will join together our voice will be strengthened. We are all from different cultures and backgrounds, but as for me I will stand with my brothers and sisters of all colors and all races. We are all “One Family” in Christ Jesus.

Share this post and image I created if you agree. Let’s let the rest of America know where we stand and that we do not stand alone.

Pastor Andy Loos
Liberty Church
Coshocton Ohio & Howard Ohio





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